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We buy association management firms

We are entrepreneurs ready to purchase a Community Association Management business and join the management team full-time. We’re looking to find a business that can be our “baby” for the long-term just like it has been yours.

We both started our careers working with large organizations. Jalen helped McDonald’s launch a new business that we grew to $1B, and Orlando invested in HOA software. We met in an MBA program focused on small business operations.

Jalen’s first taste of the HOA industry came around the dinner table, when his uncle would tell battle stories from his time as president of a 700-door condo association. The rest of the family’s eyes glazed over, but he was hooked. He convinced Orlando they could build rewarding careers in the industry, and they decided to take the plunge.


The big guys aren’t your only option

We aren’t a competitor, some far-away investment group, or a “big box” management firm looking to make you fit their model. We see this as a chance to partner with a successful founder, giving your legacy extra runway to grow, and preserving the team and culture you’ve worked so hard to build.


We’re not your average buyers

You’ve built a business of real value, so we know there are other buyers out there. But we do things differently.


We are looking to buy and operate, so 100% of our time, energy, and resources will be dedicated to your company for the long-term.


Instead of rigid terms designed to maximize returns and protect shareholders, our terms are customizable to meet your needs as a seller.


We’re not in the business of cutting headcount or cutting costs–we want to partner with your current team to drive sustainable growth.


We’re young, hungry, and looking to build careers in the Community Association Management industry. We are excited to learn from someone who’s already built a great business.


From our blog,
The HOA Guys

We believe in paying it forward, so as we have discussions with experts in the HOA space — everyone from managers to lawyers, developers, and board members — we’ll share what we’re learning.

5 Questions an Investor Might Ask An Association Manager

Before they sign on the dotted line, they’ll have questions about a few key aspects of your association management business.


We’re looking for a good match

We know our backgrounds and approach aren’t for everyone–and that not every Community Association Management business will be the right fit. Here are a couple guidelines for what we’re looking for:

$1-10M in annual revenue

Association Management represents majority of revenue

History of growth and community retention

Owner willing to coach and mentor us
as we transition into the business


Our goal is a streamlined process that is simple, fair, and quick

1. Connect

Give us a call or click “let’s talk” below. In our initial call we’ll talk at a high level about your business and your goals. If it sounds like there may be a match, we’ll sign an NDA to discuss more.

2. Discuss

We’ll schedule a meeting to talk more in-depth (in-person if possible). We want to build a relationship. Usually we can arrive at a ballpark valuation for your business at this meeting.

3. Confirm

If we’re both still excited, we’ll spend some time better understanding your business. We’ll sign a Letter of Intent that permits us to confidentially review the key details of your business.

4. Agree

Once we’ve developed an understanding of your business, we’ll be in a position to agree on final terms. Our goal is to arrive at terms and a price we all feel good about.


Ready to design a transition plan that protects your legacy, your people, and your employees?